Carol Afton

19?? - 1978

Meeting William sometime in the 50's, Carol quickly found herself drawn in by his puppeteering skills, strange creative visions, and accent. Their marriage was fairly pleasant, and Carol was more than happy to move to Utah if it meant seeing more of the funny little machines Will and his friend were cooking up. Besides, she loves travel!

What many would call an eccentric, Carol has a colorful past she will happily yap about.

Always picking up new hobbies, never stuck with one for long.

Vaguely European because of course she is.

Never quite let go of 70's psychadelic fashion.

Held a brief interest in Henry, and following him around was how she met William. Henry was weird, but William was weird and FUNNY so he won.

She was nice, but she loved Misha the way you would love a puppy. It was never going to be sustainable.

Because she died a quick, painless, and completely accidental death, Carol was able to move on immediately. No haunted house or anything! She's just gone forever.