Elizaveta Anna Afton

1974 - 1985

A few weeks after Kasya had been buried, William woke her up in the early morning to help him dig up the casket. It was raining outside, and the sun had barely come up yet so she could hardly see what she was doing. Not to mention the shovel was too big for her.

She only helped because she was trying to be good. Why did it feel so wrong?

Elizabeth’s spirit got a bit confused, and she took on the appearance of Baby thinking it was herself. They can tell each other apart now, but it’s getting harder as the years pass.

She stays grounded by thinking about her family and her room (This surely can't be it, her room wasn't this empty and cold. It was pink, wasn’t it? And… it had a bed! All little girls have beds. When was the last time she made hers? It must be a mess.)

Elizabeth recognized Michael as family, which Circus Baby misinterpreted as “creator” resulting in the William/Michael mixup.

After the bite, Elizabeth was terrified of Michael and hated that she had to sleep under the same roof. Every encounter they had was incredibly tense, and she was always afraid that she would be next to die if she upset him. When Michael was sent to watch Elizabeth at Circus Baby's, she quickly fled and ended up hiding in Circus Baby's room.