Kasya Ilyich Afton

1976 - 1983

Wears pajama pants like normal pants.

Usually leaves Fredbear at home so nothing bad happens and he won't get lost. To soothe himself, he imagines that Fredbear is with him anyway.

Doesn't talk much, but he likes making noises and imitating sounds. The car and microwave are favorites.

Though he loves Freddy and the gang, he only likes them in the cartoon and as stuffed animals. The animatronics aren't his friends, they're machines wearing their skin. It upsets him that nobody else seems to realize.

The whole town is against this kid for no reason.

Thinks he might like to be a photographer when he grows up.

Closest with William out of the whole family. He obviously doesn't like Michael, he likes Liz but they just don't quite mesh, and Carol died a year after his birth.