Misha Ilyich Afton

1966 - 2035

10 years old

Still an only child and loving it!

A pretty weird little kid, he likes collecting dead birds and putting them in a mass grave so he can get the bones later. He used to bring them inside but William scolded him for it.

Truly loves his father, and believes that he's loved in return.

Learning English. He doesn't like it, because its hard.

Not many friends, they think he's odd but Misha isn't too bothered. He's okay playing by himself.

Impressed and intimidated by William's puppets. They're cool, but kind of scary.

Carol is his favorite parent, as she tends to spoil him a bit more than William does and gives him money to buy sweets at the bakery. She's also quite fashionable, which he doesn't understand but likes being able to brag that he has a fashion-forward mom. He wishes she had more time for him.

Wants to build rockets when he's older.