Bonnie usually provides the instrumentals, and though he never speaks on his own he has been given a singing voice in a few shows. He's usually simply looking around as the others speak, with his reactions being implied via musical cues and ear movements.

His guitar is named Lorelei, and he takes very good care of her.

Bonnie is partially responsible for Foxy’s out of order status, as he frequently harrassed the captain and still does. He HATES that guy for a reason he can't remember. Bonnie just knows everything is all Foxy's fault.

Bonnie is the strangest of the band, or the most stereotypically "haunted." He has an odd effect on electronics- causing circuts to short and jamming doors without even touching them- an eerie habit of appearing places in the blink of an eye, and a violent streak that leaves the office a mess of red chunks by the time he walks out.

Bonnie spends his alone time in parts and service, since the others are too unnerved by the empty heads to bother him there.

His face plate pops open when he’s surprised! Eep!

Takes the cheese off his pizza and eats it like that. Just sauce and toppings. What a monster.

Bonnie likes intense, noisy music best. Death metal, punk rock, the works.

Nobody can get a good photo of him. It’s always blurry or simply won’t process and causes the device used to fritz out. Even the posters with Bonnie on them seem to go missing. By his own admission, Bonnie himself has nothing to do with it.

Hates being stared at.

You can bet on a rabbit's foot if you want, but it wasn't very lucky for the rabbit.