Dude is a nickname, his legal name is unknown and impossible to find. Trust me, Mike looked.

He's a total dog person, having a childhood dog named Brodie who he trained to skateboard. He currently has a pomeranian named Crunchwrap Supreme, who he found in a hole during a vlog.

Californian, but born in Seattle to a single mother as his father had died in a tragic coal mining accident. He enjoyed a relatively normal childhood and actually became a business major (minoring in philosophy), but later dropped out to pursue surfing.

Dude is a huge horror buff, specifically when it comes to haunted houses! He attends HHN at Universal Studios every year. Dude's income mostly comes from his job as a "haunter" which is kind of like an influencer but for horror.

Goes to abandoned theme parks to take the animatronics. They'll just be vandalized by others or rot there forever otherwise! His entire garage is full of stolen animatronics and ones from Spirit Halloween.

Fell head over heels for the new nightguard as soon as they met. He was just so.... scary! In fact, Mike flustered him so much that he couldn't even record the phone messages without stumbling over his words. Had no hard feelings over the fright being burned down, since he considered it a small price to pay for hanging out with Mike more.

Got Mike's PERSONAL phone number to leave him those messages. Mike pretended he didn't know exactly why Dude wanted his cell number instead of his email or something.

Kind of a bad person? but its fine