Chica is awful at keeping secrets, so never tell her anything unless you want the entire Pizzaplex finding out about it.

She often fiddles with her head feathers when she's nervous, ruffling them up until they're out of place entirely.

Loves her friends and spending time at their attractions. She's easily bored and hops between distractions in minutes.

Her guitar's name is "Lady"

Flexible, fast, and strong. If Chica sees something she wants, she will bend, climb, and twist to reach it! This has gotten her stuck in small areas more than once.

Chica is quite diligent in her rehearsals, so she’s always at peak ability! Her drive to practice rivals Freddy.

Chica does most of the makeup for the band. This entails touching up spots with chipped paint, adding shiny coats of polish to bring the sparkle back to their eyes, painting their claws, and adding glitter to really make them shine! She especially enjoys brushing out Roxy’s hair after a long bout of racing. The makeover sessions also give her an excuse to yap at someone who can't leave.

  • Leaves her food out for days so it can “ripen” before she eats it.

  • She thinks Vanessa is pretty and has potential, she’s just too high strung. Pretty much never listens to Vanessa the first time she's told something.

  • Freddy is her best friend! She’s always the first to notice something is off, and has covered for him multiple times when he lagged behind in shows.

  • Chica was shoulder-checked into the garbage compactor as she was running towards Gregory, too focused on him to notice that Freddy had entered the kitchen. Once shattered Chica will attack anything that moves suddenly, grabbing it and slamming it repeatedly into the ground or nearest wall until it's still again. It sounds like she's calling out for someone.