Although she cares about everyone's perception of her, Roxy is especially invested in what Chica thinks and is always trying to impress her. Sometimes she talks about car and racing stuff, which Chica really doesn’t care about but listens anyways because she likes Roxy.

Roxy is a rival kids can select only if they’ve consistently topped the charts, but the reward of beating her is not something most kids can win. They would get a trophy with Roxanne on it if they won!

Good friends with Monty. One would expect their personalities to clash but they actually agree on most things. Two pretty and mean best friends.

Intercepted by Freddy after getting Gregory cornered on the race track, Roxy suffered massive damage to her face and upper body due to Freddy's teeth and clows. After the loss of her eyes, she's developed a habit of frantically pushed her hair away from her face. She continues trying to fix her hair afterwards, but can’t tell she’s only making things worse.

Like the others, Roxy has many canine behaviors programmed in. She howls when especially excited, licks her nose when nervous, wags her tail, and kicks her leg in her sleep. A spare tire in the green room acts as a chew toy.

Birthday kids are allowed to scratch Roxy behind the ears if they get her birthday package.

Girls that say “Twerp” and “shrimp” and “get out of my room!”