Her body is crushed velvet, and her mask has been coated in layers of shining finish to make it fit in with the others. Given no voice box, it seems to communicate through gentle swaying which only the reboots understand.

Quite the snuggler, they sometimes allows Mangle sleep in her box. Unfortunately he usually kicks Mangle out again for chewing on her.

The reboots all think she’s super smart and capable, going to her to resolve arguments or answer questions. She also knows all the best games like double dutch and chess. (She can't actually play chess, but the reboots don't know that.)

Although she seems to be relatively calm, Marionette is struggling to keep focus through the haze of grief and anger. This only gets worse after the second party. The toys aren't acting right anymore. Nobody is acting right. She was only trying to help.

It feels really bad about messing up TWICE with the whole “putting the spirits in animatronics” thing.

Charlotte is here, but that isn't always who you're speaking to. Pupazzo is here too, and it's going to protect her this time. The music box lulls Charlotte into sleep, but the Marionette is never truly dormant.

While Marionette reacts to the name Charlie, this usually causes her to act aggressively.

Someone else is here... but she doesn't quite recognize them. They're even angrier than she is.