Is he a ghost? A hallucination? A guardian angel? Nobody quite knows, and his answer keeps changing. In a sense, each answer is true.

Qwerty is able to attach himself to others, animatronic or otherwise. Shortly after Jeremy's death, he appears to Michael with an offer. QWERTY will help him set things right, in exchange for allowing QWERTY to feed on his emotion. Anger and guilt are his favorite flavors, and Michael has plenty to spare. He hides in Michael's shadow most of the time.

Usually heralded by the chime of a spectral doorbell. Though this is generally only heard by the host assuming he has one.

QWERTY's true name holds a lot of power, assuming that you can say it. If you call him by his name, he has to listen! He loves to grant wishes, but be careful what you wish for. Bunnies are mischevious creatures.

Although he doesn't feel pain the same way we might, light exposure causes a similar sensation. The pain caused depends on the type of light, and intensity of the source. A campfire or flashlight may keep him at arm's length while direct sunlight would be agonizing. Naturally, he tends to make the room slightly darker when he's around.

Prolonged eye contact or physical contact with QWERTY causes dizzyness, nausea, and even blackouts. He doesn't appear on cameras, and animatronics can't see him at all. Ghosts however, can see him just fine.

Due to his nature, QWERTY can easily slip between the worlds of the living, digital, and dead. He often does this to bring the mci treats and gifts, or even to play games with them. When it comes to children, he's quite kind!

Qwerty won't kill anyone, but he certainly won't stick out his neck to help them either. After all, that would derail the story. While he might encourage certain events, it’s nothing that wouldn’t have happened anyways.