The design of Vanny's suit prioritizes anonimity, with its bagginess and large head obscuring the build and height of its wearer. Vanny's "paw pads" have a texture similar to leather work gloves allowing her to have a solid grip through the padding.

Vanny is running on a constant adrenaline rush, making her faster, stronger, and more flexible than Vanessa is. Even when she should be far past the point of exhaustion, Vanny refuses to stop.

In contrast to her costume's smile, Vanessa has a blank dead-eyed expression under the mask. If you listen closely, you can hear her giggling under there.

Vanny's movements are practiced and measured, as if following the choreography of an unseen instructor. When she isn't giving chase, Vanny is stretching and dancing to keep her muscles loose. She is most fond of ballet warmups and cartwheels.

Her tail serves no purpose, but it sure is cute isn't it?

Although she usually keeps a demeanor of sinister silliness, Vanny will occasionally "break character" and chase Gregory with frenzied desperation.

Vanny doesn't realize she's actually a person in a suit, not a real stuffed bunny. She believes the mascot head mouth is her real mouth, and uselessly smears food all over it because she doesn't know how eating really works. She's also fond of laying down and staring at the ceiling in silence to "sleep." She has never experienced these things for herself.

Though created from a robust copy of Vanessa's consciousness, Vanny is her own seperate entity and is completely unaware the other exists. She believes this body belongs to her, and always has.