WE ALL KNOW!! WE ALL KNOW that Spring Bonnie and Fredbear were IN LOVE.!


  1. I SAW the photos from '81, the way they looked at each other !
  2. PRETTY sure ive seen them kissing ??
  3. DONT BE shy cofounders, its not 1983 anymore.. THEY CAN COME OUT !!!

You might be asking. WHY would they do this. Fazbear entertainment is (as much as we hate to say it) money focused above all! Well first of all the characters weren't owned by fazbear entertainment yet. The COFOUNDERS did this, and they just couldn't say it because it was the past!!

Remember in the 87' toy location when they all had VERY lgbt designs? you know who the current biggest market for furbies is right now? mentally ill queer people. whos going to be the biggest market for freddys when they open for the 5th time?? TAKE A GUESS

WHO is the ceo of Fazbear Entertainment anyways? it got transferred from William Afton to someone else a long time ago, but has anyone noticed we never got a name? i dont even know who im working for here! spooky 0_0